Post-Lockdown Hair Transformations

The Latest Trends After Lockdown from Johnson Blythe Hairdressing in Hertford

We’re so excited to welcome you back to our hair salon in Hertford!  Lockdown has given us all plenty of time to plan our next hairstyle, and many of the visitors to our salon since its reopening have opted for radical changes to their look to mark the start of the “new-normal”.

  If your long-awaited visit to our salon is coming up but you haven’t yet found the inspiration for your very own hair transformation, we’re here to help.  Below is a list of some of the most fashionable and popular hair trends we’ve noticed in our first months back, giving you all the inspiration you’ll need.

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From Bold Fashion Colours to Balayage

As well as style changes, many of our visitors have asked for big changes to their hair colour.  Since we reopened, we’ve had many requests for bright and bold fashion colours, such as the fiery red or the iced rose in the images below.  There has never been a better time to try out fashion colours, with lockdown teaching many of us that life is too precious to make boring choices!  If there’s a specific colour that you’ve been looking to incorporate into your look for a while, why not suggest it to one of our talented colour technicians?  We have the skills and experience to help you pull off unusual hair colours, no matter how bold they are.

Beautiful Natural Hair Colours

Balayage Baby Lights Root Smudge Hertford
More natural hues make for no less of a colour transformation, with gorgeously sun-kissed balayage looks remaining highly popular here at Johnson Blythe.  Take a look at this beautiful colour, which can also be viewed on our Instagram page

Our guest was treated to a bespoke mix of balayage, babylights, and root smudging techniques to create a brand new colour which creates a natural look with a multi-tonal and pearly finish.  

Fashionable Lobs and French Girl Bobs

Bobs and lobs at Hertford Hair Salon1.JPG
Lockdown has left many of us drowning under overgrown hair, so it comes as no surprise that short hairstyles such as bobs and lobs have been very popular since our return.  Luckily, these shorter styles are highly fashionable at the moment, with the cute French girl bob being hailed by Elle magazine as “the only haircut to get post-lockdown”. 

Choosing a shorter haircut will literally lift a weight off your shoulders and is perfect for the new normal we’re living in, with some arguing that it is more hygienic than longer hair as it requires less hair drying.  If bobs and lobs aren’t your thing, take a look at our cuts and styles page which give you more short and mid-length hair ideas.

Love Your Long Hair

Post Lockdown Balayage Long Hair
Lockdown has given many of us a chance to get to know our natural hair again, perhaps after years of colouring, cutting, or straightening.  Since we’ve reopened, many of our guests have requested cuts which simply add volume and remove the split ends from their already long hair

We can add some gorgeous movement and texture to your with a beautiful balayage too.

Long hair is classically gorgeous and offers a wide range of styling options, which can look especially glamorous at special occasions such as weddings or prom.

Join the Greyvolution

Embrace Grey Silver Hair Hertford
The months at home away from the salon have also made many of us realise that grey hair is nothing to dread.  At Johnson Blythe, we’ve also been embracing the “greyvolution“, and many of our older clients are asking for colours which enhance rather than hide their stunning silver locks. 

Stormy grey and silver hair continue to be popular among younger generations, so why hide your naturally fashionable hair?

Revitalise with Olaplex

Colours to Enhance Natural Hair Olaplex Hertford
Whichever post-lockdown transformation you choose, it will be important to revitalise your hair with a treatment after the months of neglect.  At Johnson Blythe, we stock the latest products from Olaplex, including Number 6, Number 7, and the recently released Number 0

Olaplex is designed to holistically treat and repair even the most damaged hair.  You can build different amounts of each product into your hair care routine to suit your hair’s individual needs.  Perfect for taming the wildest lockdown looks!  For more information about Olaplex and how each of their treatments will care for your hair, take a look at our Olaplex page.

Book Your Post-Lockdown Hair Appointment at Johnson Blythe in Hertford

We’re excited to see you at our covid-secure salon in Hertford soon.  To book your appointment, please call our salon on 01992 568924.  Information about our covid safety procedures can be found here.  If you have any questions about how we’re keeping you safe, please call our salon on the number above or email

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