HD Brows

Perfect Eyebrows at Johnson Blythe Hair Salon, Hertford

While you’re visiting our hair salon for your hair cut, style or colour, why not pop in to Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford to have your eyebrows reshaped with our fantastic HD Brows service?

Celebrity eyebrow perfection is easily within your reach at our luxurious Hertford hair salon. Amanda Holden, Kim Kardashian and Alesha Dixon are celebrities well known to be sporting this popular HD Brows trend.

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How To Get Perfect Eyebrows  

Our HD Brows expert will follow a number of steps r to create the perfect eyebrows for you. The steps include assessing your facial features, eyebrow tinting, waxing excess hair, threading, tweezing, trimming and HD Brow upkeep.  Within 45 minutes you will be on your way to the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows that enhance the natural shape of your brows.

Advantages Of HD Eyebrow Shaping

One of the main advantages of HD Brow techniques is that you can avoid repeated weekly treatments as, once applied, the results can last up to about two months, providing you with long-lasting shaped brows

For further information or to make a booking, contact us at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing, Hertford, Hertfordshire on 01992 568924.

Please note: To ensure this treatment is suitable for you, a patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to any HD Brows treatment.