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Find Our More About Balayage From the Experts at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing Salon in Hertford

Balayage remains one of the most popular hair colour techniques at our Hertford hairdressers, but what exactly is it and will it work for you?   The team at Johnson Blythe are highly trained, award-winning hair colourists, and in this article they answer your questions about balayage and explain how they can use this fashionable technique to create a beautiful bespoke hair colour to suit you perfectly.

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What is balayage?

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  The technique involves hand-painting hair, in a sweeping motion with a brush. This allows for a sun-kissed, natural looking hair colour.

Can anyone have balayage?

Yes!  The technique can be adapted for all hair types.  It’s the perfect technique for clients that are new to hair colour and want something that is very low maintenance and add definition and texture to the hair.

Is balayage just for blonde hair?

No, balayage doesn’t always mean blonde!  It is a perfect technique for our brunette guests, its great for brightening up your hair in the spring/summer months and also for adding rich and warmer tones in the autumn/winter!

For our current blonde guests, it is possible to convert your highlights/ blonde tint to a balayage for a more natural and low maintained appearance, however it may not be your typical balayage technique and would be classed as a root shadow.

Can you recreate a balayage look on my hair?

As balayage is a creative colouring technique with personalised sectioning on each guest, it is impossible to recreate exactly the same effect twice. However, the beauty of balayage is working with the lightness that you have in your hair and embracing it with a unique look.

After your balayage sections have been lightened we personalise your colour with one of our L’Oreal professional Dia–Light tone on tone products to create the perfect shade of lightness and really makes the colour your own!

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Do I need a consultation before my balayage appointment?

With any of our colours at Johnson Blythe we require a complimentary consultation and skin test 48 hours prior to any hair colouring services.  This is so that we can test for an allergic reaction you may have to our products.

Its also important that we can see your hair before the appointment so we can advise which technique and shade are most suited for you and which will be the most achievable.  

At Johnson Blythe we aim to make sure that all of our guests are happy as they leave the salon and like to manage expectations to the best that we can.  Because balayage is an open air technique its means that the hair that is being lightened potentially will not lift as much as a typical foil would, so it is a much more natural look.  At your consultation we’ll be able to give you a clear idea what to expect.

How do I maintain my balayage?

Maintaining  balayage is as individual as the guest. Some can go months and months in between colour , others come more  regularly. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks between any lightening techniques. However we suggest a treatment and possible toner in between these times to help keep the tones right.  Every day living can fade your hair and this obviously will affect the look of your balayage. The great thing about toners is you can change tones achieved each time.

We also recommend that a professional range of hair care and  treatments are used at home to keep the condition of your hair. 

How do I book a balayage consultation at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing ?

To book an appointment, call us on 01992 568924, email us at or use the pop-up bar to the right of the screen to book online.

Please note: at the time of writing we are closed due to the lockdown and cannot take any bookings.  If you have an enquiry, please email us and we’ll respond when we can.  Alternatively, contact us via our social media channels (Facebook or Instagram).