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Luxury Hair Treatments at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing, Hertford

Keep your hair looking its best with a regular hair treatment at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing in Hertford.  We offer a great range of Olaplex, Kérastase and L’Oreal treatments which can help with hair issues including dry & damaged hair, frizzy hair, fading hair colour, hair that lacks volume, thinning hair, and sensitive scalps.

Please find below some of our favourite in-salon treatments.  We offer something for all budgets, with prices starting from as little as £6.  Speak to your stylist to find out how a treatment from our menu can restore, protect and transform your hair.

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Olaplex Hair Repair Hertford SalonOlaplex has millions of fans worldwide and has a global reputation for creating stunning hair results.  Vogue magazine has hailed the products as “a complete game-changer” and Elle magazine called it “the miracle revolution the hair industry has been waiting for”, so we’re super proud to offer Olaplex at our Hertford hair salon.

The Olaplex range includes in salon treatments, which are complemented by home care products.  It is best used holistically and is designed to repair even the most damaged hair by working at a molecular level on the individual strands.  It uses active ingredients to penetrate and strengthen the disulfide bonds in your hair, resulting in smooth, shiny, rejuvenated locks which look and feel fabulous!

Speak to your stylist about adding an Olaplex treatment to your colour process to protect your hair and keep your colour vivid for longer.  Olaplex is also available as a standalone treatment to repair and strengthen your hair for outstanding results.  Find out more here.

Kérastase Fusio Dose

Kerastase Fusio Dose Hair Treatments Hertford Hair SalonKérastase Fusio Dose is a prescriptive, professionally active, advanced in-salon hair treatment that can be personalised to help remedy multiple hair concerns.   

Each head of hair is unique and everybody has their own different hair needs which is why we’re pleased to offer Fusio-Dose custom treatments to all our clients.   This luxury in-salon experience is tailored to your hair needs and is blended for you by your stylist following a thorough hair diagnosis.

Each treatment comprises a Concentré, selected by your stylist to address your main hair need, plus a Booster, which is designed to achieve your desired hair result.

Whether you want to nourish lack lustre hair, add volume and density, tackle hair loss, get ready to transform the condition of your hair in just five minutes!   Results that can last up to five washes and with over 20 possible combinations, Fusio Dose is the ultimate quick fix problem solver for all hair types.

Metal Detox

Metal Detox Hertford Hair SalonDid you know that while copper is naturally present in water and doesn’t pose any risk to health, it can build up in your hair?   When this happens it can lead to unreliable hair colour results and leaves your hair more prone to breakage during hair colour services.

That’s why we offer the L’Oreal Metal Detox system at our Hertford hair salon.  This patented formula helps to neutralise the copper in your hair, with tests showing it results in up to 87% less breakage.  It’s a real game-changer when it comes to protecting your hair, with leading salon owners describing Metal Detox as one of the most exciting innovations in the hair industry in the past 10-15 years because of the improved shine, condition and hair colour results it delivers. 

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to caring for your hair, so ask your stylist about adding a Metal Detox treatment before your next hair colour appointment for maximum shine and colour longevity.

L’Oreal Blondifier Gloss Concentrate

Blondifier Gloss Treatment Hertford Hair Salon

Want to add gloss and shine to your blonde hair?  Blondifier Gloss Concentrate is a new professional treatment developed especially to repair and recover discoloured, sensitised bleached hair.

It contains active ingredients designed to nourish your hair and smooth the cuticles whilst neutralising brassy yellow tones.   The formula as been proven to reduce breakage by up to 80%.

The result is illuminated blonde hair that looks radiant and feels smoother and stronger.

L’Oreal Pro Longer Concentrate Treatment

LOreal Pro Longer Concentrate Treatment Hertford Hair SalonLong hair looking thin and wispy at the ends?

L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Longer Concentrate Treatment is an ends filler concentrate designed to promote long hair that’s thick and strong. It contains the patented ingredient Filler A-100 which penetrates the hair fibre, plumping and thickening the individual strands. It is also infused with amino acids that work hard to strengthen the hair from within.

Hair feels and looks thicker and plumper after just one application, with long lasting cumulative results from repeat treatments.


Vitamino Colour Acidic Shine Sealer

Vitamino Colour Acidic Shine Sealer Hertford Hair Salon Treatment for Coloured Hair
This shine sealing rinse-out lotion provides intense and long-lasting shine for coloured hair. The liquid lotion transforms into a milky care when applied on wet hair and locks in your hair colour, adding a glossy top coat.

The formula has an acidic pH of 4.5 which neutralizes the alkalinity of the hair colour products. It seals and smoothes the cuticle after your hair colour has been rinsed out and delivers and instant shine boost as well as strengthening the hair fibre and protecting it from damage.

This amazing treatment is enriched with Resveratrol and offers up to 8 weeks protection from colour fade.