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Add Length and Volume to Your Hair with Hair Extensions at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing Salon Hertford

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Looking for an instant style transformation?  Hair extensions are a great solution for any of our guests that feel like they want extra volume or length added to their hair.  At our Hertford hairdressers we offer a range of premium quality hair extensions that can give you the look you desire in no time!

You can be confident that at Johnson Blythe our hair extensions specialists can achieve the best possible results for your hair.  In this article they answer your questions about our hair extensions service.

What type of hair extensions do you use at Johnson Blythe?

The extensions that we use are pre-tipped with high quality keratin for a long lasting, discreet option that doesn’t damage the hair.  Our Hair Rehab I-Tips are suitable for reapplication due to the hair quality and typical lifespan of the product, which is up to 12 months with the correct care and maintenance.

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What are the advantages of I Tip pre-tipped extensions?

I Tip extensions are very popular for multiple reasons.  They are preferred by people who don’t want heat applied to their hair and the speed at which they can be applied and removed is also a key benefit.

Hair extensions Hair Rehab Hertford Hair SalonAre hair extensions suitable for everyone?

Our Hair Rehab London hair extensions are suitable on most clients depending on thickness and length of the natural hair.  After the extensions are applied we will shape them into the perfect style both complimenting your natural hair and your desired look.

How often do I need to have my extensions maintained?

Maintenance appointments are important to ensure that your hair extensions can be trimmed, leaving them look healthy and full throughout the time you are wearing them. We recommend every 6-10 weeks; this will also give you regular opportunities to ask questions about the extensions and to potentially change styles.

What shampoo and conditioner do I need to use once I have the extensions applied?

We have two professional ranges of hair care that we use at Johnson Blythe that are perfect for both your natural hair and to give the extensions the longest life span.  We will recommend the most appropriate product for you at your initial consultation.

Hair Extensions Johnson Blythe hairdressingHow can I book a hair extensions consultation at Johnson Blythe Hertford?

All of our hair extension services require a complimentary consultation prior to the appointment so we can match the colour correctly and look at your hair and advise on which is the perfect amount of bonds to be applied.

Call us on 01992 568924 to book your consultation or if you have any further questions.  Alternatively you can email us at or use the pop-up bar to the right of the screen to book online.

Please note: at the time of writing we are closed due to the lockdown and cannot take any bookings.  If you have an enquiry, please email us and we’ll respond when we can.  Alternatively, contact us via our social media channels (Facebook or Instagram).