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Stop Hair Fall with Kérastase Genesis at Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford

Are you finding excess hair on your brush?  Worried about the amount of stray hairs left in the shower or on your clothes?  Hair fall is a problem that can plague us all, no matter what the length of our hair.  Thankfully we now have the solution in the form of Kérastase’s new Genesis range, which is specifically designed to reduce hair-fall due to breakage.  It’s available now in our Hertford hairdressing salon.

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Why do we suffer hair fall?

It’s normal to go through phases when we notice our hair shedding more than usual, with up to 70% of women suffering with the problem at some point in their life.  Environmental factors, hormonal changes and the way we process and heat treat our hair can all contribute to it becoming stressed, brittle and prone to breakage. 

It’s normal to lose anywhere from 50-100 hairs a day as your hair goes through its lifecycle, but if you notice more hair than usual coming out, or it becomes focused on a particular area, then it’s time to take action and give your hair the care it needs. 

Kérastase Genesis contains a range of dual-action products designed for varying degrees of hair fall, whatever your lifestyle.

Kerastase Genesis Hertford Hairdressers

How can Kérastase Genesis help with hair fall?

The range has been developed with input from nutrionitsts and dermatologists, as well as hairdressers.  It addresses hair fall caused by stress on the hair fibre as well as breakages.  Distressed locks will benefit from an advanced in-salon and at-home routine that is highly effective and a pleasure to use.   It’s a self-care ritual to improve the health ouf your hair and leave you with an improved sense of wellbeing.

The  products contain a powerful cocktail of active ingredients and the latest hair care technologies to reinforce the hair fibre and so fortify and nourish brittle tresses.  Key ingredients include edelweiss cells, ginger root, and aminexel, an active ingredient recognised for its haircare properties.

What’s the best way to use the Genesis range to stop my hair from falling?

Genesis offers a comprehensive regime of treatments to cleanse, condition, protect and strengthen your hair.  It includes two strengthening shampoos, depending on your hair type. These should  be followed by Kérastase Genesis Fondant Reinforcateur, an anti hair-fall conditioner to nourishes the fibre and make it easier to detangle your locks, so minimising breakage.

Protecting your hair from heat is also key to keeping it strong, so we recommend Kérastase Genesis Thermique Defense, a strengthening blow-dry spray.   As an additional treatment, particularly if you are experiencing a period of heavy hair fall, you can maximise protection with Kérastase Genesis Serum Fortifiant Anti-Chute is a daily anti hair-fall fortifying serum.

What else would you recommend to protect and strengthen my hair?

It’s important to visit your salon regularly to keep your hair in optimum condition.  Your Johnson Blythe stylist is an expert in hair care and will be able to recommend the most appropriate products to look after your locks.   You’ll also be able to benefit from our latest in-salon only treatments to replenish your hair and leave it soft, shiny and strong.

Call our Hertford salon now on  01992 568924 to book your appointment.  You can find out more about our other Kérastase products here.