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Prom Countdown at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing Salon in Hertford

Prom season is fast approaching, so in this article we’ve come up with a ‘countdown to prom’ to help you in your preparations for this very special night!

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6 Months To Prom: Find the Perfect Prom Dress 

prom hair johnson blythe hair salon hertfordIt can take some time to find the perfect prom dress, so it’s a good idea to start looking early.  Try on several different dresses until you find one that suits your own unique personal style and makes you feel really special. 

If your school or college has a Facebook page to share pictures of your prom dress, don’t forget to upload your photos as soon as you make your purchase!  This will avoid the worry of arriving at prom to find someone else wearing the same outfit as you!

Once you’ve chosen your dress, it’s a good idea to start thinking about a prom hairstyle that will go with it.  Strappy or backless dresses look lovely with loose curly hair tumbling down your back or to one side, while higher necklines suit beautiful prom upstyles.  

You’ll need to purchase your accessories too.  High heels look very glamorous but don’t make them too high or you’ll risk blisters when you dance the night away!

5 Months To Prom: Book the Transport

Everyone wants to arrive at prom in style and there are so many transport options to choose from.  How about a classic car, limousine, taxi or even a double decker bus?   Speak to your friends and work out a suitable budget, bearing in mind that your mum and dad may feel they have already spent a lot of money on your prom dress, shoes and bag!   You’ll want to keep some money in the budget for your hair and beauty treatments too!

4 Months To Prom: Book Your Prom Hair Trial

Look online for inspiration when you are searching for the perfect prom hairstyle.  There are plenty of styles to choose from, including glamorous prom upstyles, long curly prom hairstyles, braided prom hairstyles and vintage prom looks, to name but a few.  Once you’ve got some ideas, book a prom hair trial at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing salon in Hertford.

Show your stylist your pictures of your favourite prom hairstyles, as well as photos of your dress.   We are experts at creating the best prom hairstyles in Hertford so we can try out a few styles which will complement your overall prom look. Before you leave, make sure you book your hair appointment for prom day itself to secure your ideal time-slot.

3 Months To Prom: Arrange Your Prom Parties

These days it has become traditional for young people to enjoy a pre-prom party, the prom, and then an after-prom party too.  Speak to your parents now if you are hoping they will host a party for you!  The pre-prom is a lovely event where a few friends and family can get together before the prom and take some photos to remember this very special occasion and admire how glamorous you look! 

2 Months To Prom: Book Your Prom Make-Up & Spray Tan

If you are worried you might look too pale in your prom dress, you may want to consider a professional spray tan to give you a sun-kissed glow.  Also consider whether your make-up skills are up to creating a special look for your big night.  If not, you might want to book a professional make-up trial or lesson.

The Week Before Prom:  Time for Hair Removal, Brows, Lashes & Nails!

It’s nearly time for prom, so now the detailed preparations start!   To ensure you are silky smooth in your gown, you might want to book in for a waxing treatment.  A professional eye brow shape will frame your face and enhance your eyes – a must to ensure you are picture perfect!  Plus you won’t want ragged nails to let you down on your special night, so you might want to consider a manicure or pedicure!

The Day Before Prom: Spray Tan 

If you are opting for a spray tan, book it one or two days before your prom to allow the colour to develop over several hours.   

It’s Prom Day!prom couple johnson blythe hairdressing hertford

The team at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing love to transform our clients for prom day and see them leaving the salon looking and feeling fabulous!  It’s time to relax and enjoy having your hair and makeup done, before heading home to put on your prom dress and enjoy your evening.

Make sure you take lots of photos and bring them in to show us – we love to see the finished effect!  Don’t forget to tag Johnson Blythe in all your pictures!  And remember your hashtags!  We hope you have a wonderful night to remember.

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