Pro’s & Con’s of Colouring Your Hair a Crazy Colour

Fashion Hair Colours From Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford

Pros & Cons of Colouring Your Hair a Crazy ColourUpdate your hair colour this season with a bright new hair colour from Johnson Blythe hairdressing salon in Hertford. We create stunning hair colours using the very latest techniques and trends. No matter what vibrant hair colour you want.

If you are not sure which hair colour is right for you, we offer all guests a free hair colour consultation to help them find the best hair colour to suit their style and skin tone. You can also make the most of our new client offer, with prices starting from just £20.

Our skilled team will tell you all you need to know when dying your hair a bright colour.

Dying your hair a bright colour

There are so many different reasons why people choose to change hair colour. Whatever your reason, it is good to be realistic with your colour expectations.  Also bear in mind that bright fashion hair colours require regular maintenance – this will include going back to the salon several times every month for touch ups. Additionally, your hair may need to be pre-lightened first and then your chosen colour over the top.  The hair colour experts at our hair salon strongly advise you to book in for a hair colour consultation prior to your appointment.Your hair stylist will assess the condition of your hair and advise the best route to take.  

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How Do I Make My Fashion Hair Colour Last Longer?

Different factors determine how long your hair colour will last. This includes the condition of your hair how often you wash your hair, and the products you use to maintain your hair colour. Too many washes or using non-colour safe products may fade the hair colour faster. Regular maintenance appointments is  required to keep your hair colour looking fresh – toners, glossing treatments and regular salon visits are a must if you want to keep your hair colour vibrant.

Should I Dye My Hair A Bright Colour? 

Platinum blonde, silver grey, bright and pastel hair colours come with many benefits including helping you stand out from the crowd, helping others to remember you, and helping you take better care of your hair.  regular hair conditioning treatments.

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