Summer Hair Care Tips

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How to Look After your Hair this Summer at Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford

Everyone loves the summertime, with holidays, BBQs and fun evenings out.  But while we’re having fun in the sun, our hair certainly is not!  

Heat and humidity often leaves our hair dry, frizzy, and damaged.   Intense UV rays from the sun can harm the cuticle, leaving you with dry hair.  Because of this, your hair will try to soak up the moisture from the humid air, making it more frizzy. Not a good look!

In addition to this pool chlorine and sea salt can dry out your hair even more, and leave it at risk of  splitting or breaking – so ensure you stock up on the best summer hair care products to protect your hair.

Here at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing we are ready and waiting to help you, so pay a visit to our Hertford hair salon to see our full range.

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Tip #1 Protect Your Hair from Chlorine in Swimming Pools

Chlorine can dry out your hair leaving it dangerously prone to breaking.  It can also react with your hair colour, which might lead to it turning it an unwanted slightly greenish shade.  

To fix this, if you don’t want to try wearing a swimming cap, use a specialist shampoo.   We recommend Kérastase Bain Apres Soleil which is enriched with coconut water to gently remove chlorine as well as salt and sand residues, to cleanse the hair of their drying effects.   Hair is hydrated throughout its length for instantly refreshed, luminous and smooth locks.

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Tip #2 – Be Careful When Brushing your Hair

Brushing your hair too roughly can pull out it’s roots and snap fragile summer hair. Instead, use combs – particularly on wet hair, which is extra fragile compared to when it is dry. 

Speak to your Johnson Blythe stylist for advice on the best brush or comb for your hair.

Kerastase summer hair Johnson Blythe Hairdressers hertfordTip #3 – Protect your Hair Colour from Fading in the Sun

Although we might enjoy lying in the sun on our holidays, it can fade coloured hair.   We recommend using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to prevent this.

Another way to ensure your locks are prepared for the sun is  with a UV protector such as Kérastase Creme UV Sublime.  This lightweight leave-in cream is designed to give your hair long-term shine and smoothness as well as preventing damage from the sun’s UV rays.  Using this is the perfect way to keep your hair looking great all summer long.  Just remember to apply before and during sun exposure for best results.

To be extra safe, always remember to wear a hat on a hot summer’s day – protective and stylish!

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Tip #4 – Avoid Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a tricky problem in the summer, with the heat and humidity turning your sleek hairstyle into a frizzy mess the moment you step out of the door!

To solve this problem, you need to put moisture back into your hair.  Serums and hair oils are the most popular anti-frizz products for summer hair problems.   At Johnson Blythe we recommend Kérastase Masque Apres Soleil, which is a deep recovery mask to replenish your hair’s hydration after harsh sun, sand and salt exposure.  It smoothes the hair fibre, making it uniform from root to tip.

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Tip #5 – Go for a Smoothing Treatment

Tame frizz and keep your hair glossy and moisturised with one of our smoothing treatments.  Our L’Oréal Xtenso Moisturist Hair Smoothing treatments use new technology to boost your natural hair, leaving it ready for whatever summer can throw at it.  It even lasts all summer long, leaving it silky and manageable for up to 60 days.   

Call us on 01992 568924 to book your smoothing treatment today!