Trendy Prom Hairstyles

The Best Prom Hairstyles at Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford


To have your prom hairstyle properly prepared is synonymous with eating a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. Your elegance would be top-notch. 

Book a session with us now at Johnson Blythe hair salon in Hertford for the best prom hairstyle to suit your dress and overall look. Our expert hair stylists are ready to give you the perfect prom hairstyle. 

You can book your hair cut, colour or hair treatment at our Hertford hair salon online by clicking on the pop-up button on this page, or call us on 01992 568924.  Never been to Johnson Blythe salon before? Make the most of our new client offer, with prices starting from just £20.

Curly Prom Hairstyles

You do not always get the chance to attend all the big events you want. But for your Prom night, everything must be perfect. At Johnson Blythe, we are set to transform you into the prom princess of your dreams and a 1940s curly hair look is a great hairstyle to start with. 

Curls are beautiful, especially when it is on day old hair. We advise that you curl your hair in sections which make the hair evenly curled. Use a setting lotion on each section and use your curling iron afterwards. Some spritz of hairspray will spice it all up and remember to avoid fiddling too much with your hair after curling, if you do not want the curl to come dropping anyway.

Braided Prom Hairstyles

Braids and plaits are trendy and flirty. You can wear a braided hairstyle even if you have a short hair length. If you cannot think of a hairstyle, our team of professional hair stylists can create a style that is personalised just for you, taking into consideration your dress, face shape and personal taste.

It is common for braids to slip off their positions especially when you have a soft and fine hair texture.  The amount of grip you give to your hair will determine how well your braids will hold. Make use of any hair product (a dry shampoo or styling powder) to achieve this.

Have your hairspray handy, spray the already damped hair. Let your braid be as tight as possible. This is because, when the braid is tight, it stays longer and better. Pin down the first part of each braid with some bobby pins. You can also make use of some pretty hair accessories to hide the bobby pins that may be showing.

Wearing You Hair Up for Prom

We have quite a long list of prom hairstyle you can choose from. We can create an alluring chignon, a casual updo, ballerina bun and much more. Book an appointment with us and you are up for a fantastic prom night.

When wearing your hair up for prom, double up on bobby pins to keep your upstyle together in place. Criss-cross the pins across the first section of your upstyle. If the bobby pins make their way out, use some pretty hair accessories to cover them up. If you have some flyaway hair strands, you can control them by spritzing some hairspray on your hair brush and gently run it through your hair.