What Makes Your Hair Grow?

Top Tips About Growing Your Hair from the Hair Experts at Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford

 At our hair salon in Hertford, commonly asked questions include how fast hair grow? How many hairs are on our head? Why are haircuts painless?  The hairstylists at Johnson Blythe have put together the facts regarding some of these questions.

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

What Makes Your Hair Grow?On how fast your hair grows and how many hairs you have – the average human has about 100,000 hair follicles (hair follicles are small pockets of skin from which hair grows), a single follicle grows at an estimated ½ inch per month or 0.35mm per day.

How fast your hair follicles grow depends on the kind of food you eat, your genetic makeup and hormones. Pregnant women experience thicker and stronger hair because of the extra hormones that come with pregnancy.

Each hair strand has three different layers – the cuticle, cortex and medulla. The medulla and cortex hold the pigment responsible for hair colouration.

Why can’t I grow my hair longer?

Growing your hair to great lengths is the ultimate hair goal, but unfortunately, not everyone will achieve this. People with flat hair follicles cannot have long hair lengths as their follicles do not grip firmly to hair during growth.

Round hair follicles hold hair tightly and allow for hair to grow longer. So how long your hair will grow is sometimes out of your hands – regular haircuts and deep conditioning will only speed the growth process.

The longer your hair grows, the more pressure it puts on the hair follicles to drop it. When hair grows too long and heavy for the hair follicles, they get dropped. The hair follicles then grow another!

Why are haircuts painless?

Haircuts are painless because the hair you cut is dead. When hair grows, it does so through the follicles. Hair growing through the follicles root contains many cell proteins picked from the blood vessels in the scalp. Hair grows longer and upward, pushing through the skin as more cell proteins are picked.

When very long, the hair shaft which is made of keratin will appear through the skin, and when it becomes visible, the hair is already dead. So, the hair you can see and cut is dead, and this is why you do not feel pains when you cut your hair.

How to grow your hair – tops tips from best hair salon in Hertford

What Makes Your Hair Grow?While having flat follicles means your hair cannot grow longer than a certain length and there is nothing you can do about that, you do have a say in how fast it will grow to that length.

Below are four great tips that will help your hair grow more quickly and be healthy:

  • Having regular haircuts – this prevents hair breakage.
  • Taking diets rich in zinc, iron and protein
  • Taking supplements that nourish the hair follicles
  • Washing hair with a gentle shampoo – one that is gentle on the scalp

What causes damage to my hair?

The use of shampoo containing silicone, contact with chlorine and use of heat appliance such as curling irons all cause damage to hair. Continuous contact with chlorine and use of silicone-containing shampoo and heat appliance will lead to hair breakage.

Have regular haircut and only use professional hair care products as recommended by your stylist to keep your hair in good health. For that shiny hair, come to our Hertford hair salon & spa for a professional deep conditioning treatment.

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