Colour Correction

Johnson Blythe Hair Salon, Hertford – Specialists in Hair Colour Correction 

Fixing a hair colour disaster you’ve experienced elsewhere is not an easy task, but it’s an achievable one thanks to the expertise at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing in Hertford

Using the very best L’Oréal hair colour, our expert colour technicians can work out a plan of action to return your hair to its full glory.

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Correcting Home Hair Colour Disasters

If you’re going through a hair colour disaster, simply adding a new shade on top is not always the best option. That’s why it’s important to visit a professional hair colour technician to fix the problem.

Our hair colour experts will assess the best tones and shades for your hair and identify the areas that need colour correcting in order to replenish your hair and bring it back to a beautiful condition. 

Book a Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Johnson Blythe Hair Salon in Hertford

Let our specialists in hair colouring transform your hair.  Give one of our expert team a call on 01992 568 924 to book your hair colour correction appointment.