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Transform Frizzy Hair with Hair Smoothing at Johnson Blythe Hairdressers in Hertford

Looking for sleek, shiny easy to manage hair?  We can transform your frizzy, coarse and curly locks into smooth, shiny, soft hair for up to 60 days with the amazing L’Oréal Xtenso Moisturist Hair Smoothing treatment.  

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A hair smoothing treatment at Johnson Blythe Hairdressing salon in Hertford will eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl so your hair will become silkier and more manageable.  Depending on your hair type, the final result will be hair that looks smooth and natural, rather than poker straight.

Xtenso Moisturist is offered exclusively at L'Oreal Professional salons and unlike some smoothing treatments, Xtenso Moisturist contains no formaldehyde.  Instead it contains softening waxes and works with the latest technology to boost the condition of the hair and allow the active smoothing ingredients to be delivered where they are most needed on the hair.

The result is smooth and beautifully silky and shiny hair which lasts for up to 60 days.

Whether you want to reduce the volume, retain your volume, or go very smooth and sleek, book a consultation to find out how an X-Tenso Moisturist treatment can deliver the smooth hair you've been dreaming of.  Call our Hertford salon on 01992 568924 to book an appointment or find out more.


Book Your Hair Smoothing Appointment at Hertford's Top Hair Salon, Johnson Blythe Hairdressing

Call our Hertford salon on 01992 568924 to book a consultation and find out more.

Hair Smoothing FAQs

How long will my smooth hair last after an X-Tenso Moisturist treatment?


The results will last up to 60 days.  At your initial consultation, your stylist will assess your hair type and you can discuss how smooth you would like it to be.  After this they will be able to give you a firmer indication of how long you can expect your hair to stay smooth.

How long will my hair smoothing treatment take?


This will depend on the length and condition of your hair, but generally it will be about 1.5 hours.

What does a hair smoothing treatment involve?


We will assess the condition of your hair first, and if necessary, apply a treatment to strengthen it.  After this, we will put a pre-smoothing treatment onto your dry hair, which will allow the X-Tenso to work on the hair shaft itself.  This will be rinsed off and then the X-Tenso is added to your hair in sections and left for about 15 minutes, before being washed out.  Your hair will then be blow dried until it is nearly dry, then we will use straighteners to smooth it out.

How soon will I need to repeat a hair smoothing treatment?


Your hair will need to have grown by about 4 cm before we can re-treat it, which on average will take 3 to 4 months.

How soon can I wash my hair after a smoothing treatment?


You should wait 2 days before washing your hair.  After washing your hair will still feel smooth, soft and easy to manage.   A real bonus if you've been struggling with thick, unruly hair!

Can I style my hair as usual after a smoothing treatment?


Yes!  In fact your hair will be so much easier to manage you will probably find it takes you far less time than previously.

Can I have my hair coloured after a smoothing treatment?


Yes, you can have your hair coloured straight away if your wish after an X-Tenso Moisturist Treatment.  If you are having it coloured before the treatment, discuss this with your stylist so we can assess your hair and ensure that the colour will not be affected.

Will an X-Tenso Moisturist smoothing treatment protect my hair from the effects of humidity?


Yes, your hair will be protected from the frizz inducing effects of summer heat and humidity for up to 8 weeks, so it's a great treatment to have before going away on holiday.